SOFWERX Interning Week 1

I’m beginning a weekly entry to this blog about my time interning at Doolittle Institute’s SOFWERX as the Graphic Design Intern. I will document what I learn and observe during my summer experience.

May 10th-13th

This is my first internship, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect going into my first week. This week I mostly learned how to adapt to a professional environment. I find I’m usually not very confident in myself and my design abilities. However in the workplace you need to be confident in your ideas and stand by them, but also be open to change and not take it personally when something is changed. One of my goals is to work on that confidence during my time here. I’ve learned when asked to create a design for something to make multiple options. Your vision may differ from someone else’s so forcing yourself to think outside what you would first create allows improvements and 2 different people’s styles to merge. Also in this regard, the first version is not the best. Always give time to think on it then go back and revise. I’ve noticed that checklists very are important to keeping organized. I’ve found that I’m lucky I’m in a smaller environment that respects the creative process and pays attention to my contributions.

Tasks I took on: created letterhead templates, created PowerPoint presentation templates, designed a patch for EASI-IMP, learned the basic mechanics of WordPress.


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